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The Erie Vegan and Vegetarian Society

Craig and Lisa Casler began on a quest to obtain information to improve their health.  During that process, they learned that the benefits of plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle reduce and reverse chronic diseases, ends the needless suffering and killing of animals, and improves sustainability of our environment for generations to come. 

After implementing and living a vegan lifestyle, they felt a strong desire to share with others what they had discovered through their journey.  The goal of this 501(c)(3) is to be a resource of information in all facets of veganism as well as provide a community for others who are curious to learn more and/or decide to take their own journey.

In just one year’s time with the hard work of like-minded volunteers, the society has created a website, gained a Facebook following, organized monthly veg-outs consisting of speakers, documentaries, cooking classes, and roundtable discussions, and book club. The society proudly supports other local organizations, Erie Arts & Culture, Non-Profit Partnership, Erie Gives / Erie Community Foundation, Asbury Woods, DCNR, as well as national organizations like PCRM, Vegan Outreach, and American Vegan Society.

Do you have high blood pressure, diabetes? Let’s talk health.

Do you care about the planet? Learn about the environmental impact of your food choices.

If you care about dogs, cats, rabbits, then why would you eat pigs, cows, chickens, and fish? You can be a part of ending unnecessary suffering.

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